Filming the Various Drafting and Engineering Scenes for the Up Coming TV Program
The Golden Gate Bridge---The American Experience
The various instruments are for sale  Jim & Rhoda Morris

The rest of the team is listed below.

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 History of Bridge and Chief Engineer J.B. Strauss

A view of one of the drafting room scenes during the filming.

Here are shown  some of the team of set designers, camera & lighting crew, the producer, director, grips, instruments and other props all working hard and  together to bring the best possible show. The actor playing the role of the primary designer is wearing the tie.

Click on the following Links above to see the instruments used in the scenes and read descriptions of how they work and how you can add them to your collections.Click on the thumbnails below to get  bigger pictures of some of the scenes from the set of the Chief Engineer's drafting room.

Many of the instruments shown and described below were furnished by Jim & Rhoda Morris who also helped as technical consultants for these scenes. For more information about these Instruments, how you can obtain them for your collection, or how we can help you in making SciTech props for Books, Paintings, TV & Movies , or other  Technical Know call us at


A list of the crew and the company working on the  film.

Ben Loeterman Productions
Project: Golden Gate Bridge - American Experience

Producer/Director Ben Loeterman
Co-Producer Laura Longsworth
Dir. of Photography Boyd Estus
Camera Assistant Mary Anne Janke
Katha Seidman Art Director
Gaffer Frans Wetterings
Key/Dolly Grip Jeff King
Swing Jason Bowen
Technical Adviser Jim Morris
PA Joey David
Camera intern Jenny Cousins

Robert D. Murphy - primary designer
Michael John Foley - secondary designer