53 year old Rudderbug radio controlled plane crashes in Mokena Illinois
Pulling out from a uncontrolled dive at 400 feet the wings from the faithful 53 year old radio controlled (the yellow remains in foto below) Rudderbug collapsed and  broke  off leaving the fuselage. to fall  straight down  burying its nose, radio gear, and motor into the ground. The wings following suit  fluttering down like leaves off a tree. The wreckage was spread over 400 feet.

Poor grandpa k1ugm and Al w9amx,

The AMA FAA investigation team is looking into the crash. A terrorized terrorist is suspected of causing the  crash.
Early investigation disclosed a mouse's  living quarters in the tail section. It is believed that a terrorized mouse terrorist could have  been running back and forth in the fuselage causing  an unbalance in the plane causing it to dive. The pilots pulling out of the dive stressed the wings which  folded up causing a death dive into the ground. No mouse body parts were found at the crash site. no mouse parachute was sited either. The investigation continues. See the photo below of Terrorist  Mouse hide out


Early photos of the Rudderbug during construction. Did this mini terrorist create a defect in the wing  causing the crash?

Celebrations before the rudder bugs maiden powered flight. Did these celebrants distract the builder during the construction phase causing a weakness in the wing spars?

The investigation continues.

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