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Historical Instruments of Science, Technology, & Invention
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  • We provide scientific props and act as scientific advisors  for the  TV, movie and hard copy industry who are working on projects in  the history of science, technology, and invention.

  • We have over 50 years of  experience in basic and applied scientific research and in inventing and developing new products. In the last ten years we have gained substantial experience acting as science advisors and furnishing  props for TV and other media,  who are  producing historical documentaries.
  •  We have the facilities and inventory, of over 2000 antique scientific and technical instruments coupled with a wood, metal, and electronic shop for  producing  the one of a kind instruments. that would have been used in the early stages of the scientist and inventors work and that no longer exist.

  •  We do research of the literature culling through the material to differentiate between the real and not so real views of the events leading up to the discoveries.

  • We are familiar with the long hours, small budgets, and are use to working both on and off the set in producing SciTech projects .

  • Of equal importance's We have developed the special skills that permit us to work in close and productive cooperation on and off the set with the producers, directors, actors, authors and set crews in these technical projects.

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