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Newton's Color Wheel

Color wheel stopped showing the red, green, and blue primary colors.

With the color wheel rotating and our eye's persistence the colors blend into white or shade of white. There maybe  a tinge of color showing that the colors are not completely balanced.

Upper picture shows the mechanism on the back that  rotates  the color  wheel.


With  a bright  light shining on either the left wheel or the right  rotating wheel most people will see rings of colors ranging from blue to red as a function of the radius of the wheel yet there is no color on the wheel why? Where does the color come from? When a light shining brightly on a white surface  is suddenly shut off the image we see slowly fades away but each color does not fade at the same rate. the color that fades slowest  is the color that the image becomes till the after image is totally gone. With the wheel rotating the light reflecting off of it is pulsing on and off with a time duration being a function of the radius of the wheel. Thus there are bands of color versus radius . Not everyone will observe this effect  in the same way showing that there is no absolute in what we see. Eye witnesses are not good witness.


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