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Prism Spectroscope
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The spectroscope for more than 200 years has made some of the  greatest unacknowledged changes to our modern world.
Scientists and engineers all over the world have used and are using spectroscopes to study  the  light  emitted and absorbed by atoms and molecules,

  • Giving us an understanding of light itself,
  • Quantum mechanics
  • The chemical makeup and dimensions of the universe
  • The ability to manufacture  materials cheaper and greater precision
  • the detection of pollutants
  • Mans chemical makeup
  • Last but not least break through in all areas of medicine.
  • The prism takes light and separates it into respective colors.
    <Place curser on imageto see a mid 1800's  engraving of  spectroscope set up to look at the spectra of flames. The Continuous Spectrum of a Incandescent Lamp

    Molecular Band Spectrum of Low Pressure Air; (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, & Carbon). The light purple glow from the vertical tube on the right which contains air, electrical heated to 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit,  is really  composed of the barcode rainbow of colors shown above.