Galileo's Telescopes To Date These Are The Worlds Finest Museum Quality  Replicas

Made on Order by Jim & Rhoda Morris

Click to see details of this mount. the 2427 did not have its final finish when the picture was taken.. Return Click here to see more details of this mount

Eyepiece end

The telescopes were mounted on a modern refractor for comparing the images and illustrating the mechanical differences.

 We have built a number of mounts to hold our telescopes. The one at the right gives a viewer a quick way of comparing  the Galileo telescopes, all most, directly with a modern refractor of about the same power and with all the  slow motion control of a steady mount.


The tripod is lighter than the engraving on the left but with the four legs it is  very difficult to keep it from rocking so in the end they are comparable in steadiness.

Objective end. The 2427 telescope did not have its final finish when the picture was taken.

The tripod on the left is much more like Galileo had to deal with giving the observer a tactile experience similar with what Galileo had to deal with.  It clearly demonstrates how good an observer Galileo must have been to log the kind of  precise data found in his log book.

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