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Props for NOVA's  Julian

 The following pages give pictures of part of the apparatus assembled by Jim & Rhoda Morris.  They also include some write ups concerning the apparatus. These page will be updated.

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No Words are Powerful Enough to Express The Importance of Basic Scientific Research

See NOVA's Program Forgotten Genius

Don't miss seeing this important NOVA'sTV program The Forgotten Genius  Percy Julian. If you already have--get the DVD of this wonderful story. Show it to your family and friends. It's one of the most accurate an detailed  dramatizing of the issues about getting the fruits of discoveries from basic and applied research that are so vitally important to all of us.

We invite our visitors to see the  NOVA program about  February 6th 2007 at 8pm E.S.T..    Click Here   to visit the NOVA site to get detailed information about this wonderful portrayal of courage determination and success in the face of almost insurmountable road blocks to give the world  his work with steroids and alkaloids which helped bring about a host of affordable and effective treatments for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and glaucoma, benefiting millions worldwide.

 Click Here t to see a small fraction of the Chemical Apparatus and Instrument we furnished  and used as props in this program. Everyone on the team worked especially hard to achieve the highest level of accuracy in equipment experiments and portrayal with remarkable success. Most experiments for the program were in actual laboratories.

Click here   to see close up photos of crew, actors, and laboratory equipment showing,  the work behind the camera,  building up the  laboratory  scenes during filming  of the NOVA Percy Julian story. Cooperation, long hours on and off the set  were dedicated to the accuracy of every detail of this film. There are  no punches pulled. The story tells it like it is.  Education, Politics, Funding, Competition,  Glory, Disappointments, and Dedication swirling around the business of doing basic scientific research and applying it . 
Click here to See   In the back ground the fundamental almost hidden importance  of this story  and why it is so very important to each of us.  It is a compelling demonstration that we have a long way to go to win the battle.
Click here to See  a major disease called The Galilean Syndrome that is infecting basic research and what each of us have  to do to stop this disease from devouring us.

Written by Stephen Lyons
 Directed by Llewellyn M. Smith

Its more than a job. Its something special.

Camera Gary Henoch
Tom Fahey
Stephen McCarthy
Making it so real you feel  like your are there.

The team, actors, authors, directors,  chemical consultants, cameramen, and many more   surrounding  a laboratory bench intently working together on a  laboratory scene to get it right.

Produced by
Llewellyn M. Smith
Stephen Lyons
Its a thousand and more details and they all have to mesh


A little on the personal side

Pre-assembling an experiment to make sure it is working before  the rest of the crew is
on set for the shooting of the scene. Jim is in the middle.

Rhoda working with  Ruben Santiago-Hudson who is acting as Julian on how to run a chemical balance that is so delicate it can measure a period on a small piece of paper.

Above on the left is a photo of Jim & Rhoda (the green arrows) part of the NOVA team on one of the set of the  project. It was late in the evening but some how we were able to squeeze in a moment  to celebrate Rhoda's Birthday Valentine day Feb14. What a pleasure working with such hard working dedicated professionals on such an important  story of super courage. Above left to right;  Frank M. Hauser chemical consultant who worked with Julian,   Ruben Santiago-Hudson acted as  Percy Julian,  Rhoda &  Jim  Morris chemical consultants putting together  many of the  chemical set ups,  running them or guiding the  actors through  the experiments. Extending advice about what it is like to be a technologist working in a laboratory, experimenting 99.9% of the time running the equipment and processing the data hunting for the breakthrough. Running experiment after experiment hoping to find the solution before your money runs out or your competitors beat you to solution. Knowing that even with all your skill you may only get lucky and win from some unexpected, surprising event in one of you experiments knowing  that the win will be  short lived and  the cycle starts all over again. This program is truly unique for it shows what the true business of science is really like.  Hopefully it will also help us  learn  that there are  No Words  Powerful Enough to Express The Importance of Basic Scientific Research.

Table of Contents


1. Vacuum Distillation Apparatus 

2. Melting Point Apparatus 

3. Reflux Apparatus & Separatory Funnel 

4. General Laboratory Apparatus     

5.Polarimeter  close up photos and its operation NEW  3/28/07

6 Coming Soon, Pictures of the Hydrogen Carbon Combustion Train