Jim & Rhodie's trip Florance to measure Galileo's telescope. To Venice & Austria just for fun and relaxation.
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This Museum is must visit for lovers of Arts or Science.

The Instruments are truly beautiful works of art which have also made a profound increase in our quality of life.

Dr. Strano IMSS & Jim in front of the  case displaying two Galilean  telescopes built within the year of his great discoveries, the moons of Jupiter and the craters and mountains of our Moon.





Rhoda the other half of the Jim & Rhoda  A of S T team enjoying the many beautiful things to see in Florence  & Venice Italy

David and Jim

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It will take almost a minute of so to down load the little film

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A01IMG_0679 a02IMG_0545a a0IMG_0550_OBJ3 a2IMG_0656 a3IMG_0783 a4IMG_0687
A01IMG_0679.jpg a02IMG_0545a.jpg a0IMG_0550_OBJ3.jpg a2IMG_0656.jpg a3IMG_0783.jpg a4IMG_0687.jpg
a5IMG_0700 IMG_0600 IMG_0622 IMG_0696 IMG_0723 IMG_0758
a5IMG_0700.jpg IMG_0600.jpg IMG_0622.jpg IMG_0696.jpg IMG_0723.jpg IMG_0758.jpg
IMG_0767 IMG_0796 IMG_0804 IMG_0808 IMG_0812 IMG_0818
IMG_0767.jpg IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0804.jpg IMG_0808.jpg IMG_0812.jpg IMG_0818.jpg
IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0875 IMG_0879 IMG_0881 IMG_0886
IMG_0862.jpg IMG_0863.jpg IMG_0875.jpg IMG_0879.jpg IMG_0881.jpg IMG_0886.jpg
IMG_0887 IMG_0890 IMG_0958 IMG_0959a IMG_0963 IMG_0966a
IMG_0887.jpg IMG_0890.jpg IMG_0958.jpg IMG_0959a.jpg IMG_0963.jpg IMG_0966a.jpg
IMG_0969 IMG_0971 IMG_0972 STC_0770    
IMG_0969.jpg IMG_0971.jpg IMG_0972.jpg STC_0770.jpg

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